Everything started when I was 6 years old, and I asked my mum to jump and turn up in the air, so my mum took me to the Ballet School next to my place “Estudio de Danza Destreza y Ritmo” in Madrid (‘cos she didn’t know where to take me).

I was studying there and doing the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations till I was 17. During the last years in that studio we were dancing around Spain in a little young dance group called “Burattino”, with a Romeo & Juliet adaptation of Ana Buján.

After that I went to Victor Ullate Ballet School and I was awarded with a scholarship. In 2009 Victor created a Young Ballet Company where my mates and I worked with Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo in that new project, dancing her “Romeo & Juliet” (again, lol) and “Instantánea Fugaz” and going like guests to the TV Show “Fama, ¡a Bailar!

In that year and just after the Premèire of the Young Ballet I started to do some shows with the Victor Ullate Ballet – Comunidad de Madrid, and at the beginning of the Season 2010/2011, finally, I was part of the company.

In 2012, facing a new projects for me with Arantxa Sagardoy in her company “Plan B”, in Ibiza Dance Company and actually working for Ballet Carmen Roche with her show “The Sleeping Beauty, dreams”

During all my years dancing I’ve been taking classes with teachers like Pilar Alegre and Ana Buján (during my first years); Iride Sauri and Giuseppe Carbone (in  Italy); Menia Martinez, Ana Noya, Maria Fernandez, Angela Rodriguez, Vladimir Karakulev, Jorge Christoff, Maria Cristina Alvarez and Victor Ullate (in my years with the Ullate’s School and Company); Gilbert Mayer (Paris Opera Teacher) and David McAllister (Australian Ballet Director).

And all I can say to all of them is THANKS!!!!

You taught me everything I know…

: )